NY Appeals Court Overturns Murder Conviction based on Private Investigator’s Evidence

Thanks to Virginia Association of Private Investigators for this news:

NY Times December 21, 2007

Court Voids Conviction in 1988 Murders

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. — A state appellate court overturned on Friday the convictions of a Long Island man who has been imprisoned for 17 years for the grisly 1988 murders of his parents.

The man, Martin H. Tankleff, was convicted in 1990, largely on an admission written by the police that he refused to sign and immediately repudiated. The case drew national attention; 31 former federal, state and local prosecutors supported his claim of innocence, as did Mr. Tankleff’s relatives.

The ruling, by the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, was not only a vindication for Mr. Tankleff, but it also raised questions about police and prosecutorial methods in Suffolk County.

New attention to the case came in October 2003, after an investigator working for the Tankleff defense, Jay Salpeter, working over several years, produced several pieces of new evidence implicating three other people.

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