Private Investigator may prove man innocent

This is an article from Pursuit Magazine.

PI May Prove Man Accused of Homicide Innocent

November 25, 2008 by Stephanie Mitchell

A good investigator is often required to “think outside the box in an effort to come up with some creative ways to solve a problem or case.  A story by New York Times writer Benjamin Weiser reported that private investigator James Down did just that in his investigation of a recent murder case in New York.

Jason Jones was arrested this past May for a fatal shooting in the Bronx.  Prosecutors have two witnesses that put Jason and his brother Corey at the scene of the murder.  Prior to his conviction Jason Jones told police he left work, rode the bus with co-workers, cashed his paycheck and took the subway to go visit his girlfriend at the time of the shooting.  James Dowd a retired detective and currently a private investigator was hired by Jones’ lawyer’s to collect the facts of the case and find evidence to prove Mr. Jones’ story added up.  Dowd went to the check cashing shop and obtained transaction records and a photograph of Mr. Jones’ in the store.  Then Dowd went from the store to the city jail and collected Jason Jones’ wallet and sorted through his belongings.  During his investigation Dowd came across Mr. Jones’ MetroCard and with that he was able to go to the New York City Transit Authority and ask for an account of Jason Jones’ movement on the night of the shooting.  The evidence indeed showed that the MetroCard was used on a bus and later on the subway approximately five miles away from the shooting.  Centralized computers store data on where and when MetroCards are used. With this evidence the lawyers were able to use the argument that it was impossible for Jason Jones to have committed the murder.  A case like this illustrates a true example of a private investigator who thinks “outside of the box” to seek the truth and by putting together a time line of what happened with a piece of  electronic evidence.

Both Jason Jones and his brother Corey have been released on bond while prosecutors continue to investigate the case. Judge Marrero, who had originally refused bond for these defendants, even paraphrased the Greek philosopher Heraclitus by saying, “The river now flowing by is not the same river that passed by yesterday.”


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