PI Novelists We say good-bye in 2008


Great, not-so-great, and those who loved them exited spotlight in 2008

Prolific, celebrated crime novelist Donald E. Westlake (Dec. 31, 75) whose alternately comic and hard-boiled novels inspired such films as “The Hot Rock” and “Point Blank,” was the last of many notable popular writers to die in 2008.

Others included Gregory McDonald (Sept. 7, 71), of Pulaski, Tenn., whose “Fletch” mystery novels inspired the movies with Chevy Chase;

Montana crime writer James Crumley (Sept. 17, 68), whose tough, desperate detectives (in such books as “The Last Good Kiss”) added cocaine to the usual diet of dames, cigarettes and booze;

and George C. Chesbro (Nov. 18, 68), author of 14 novels about “Mongo the Magnificent,” a dwarf circus acrobat turned criminologist and private detective.


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