Julia Boseman proposes Bill that says “PIs can’t peep” and the perpetrator wasn’t even licensed.

Friday’s News and Observer, January 30, 2009 edition has an article in the Triangle and State section where Ms Boseman introduced a bill banning PI’s from peeping into windows.

Bill says PIs can’t peep

North Carolina has a citizen legislature, and Sen. Julia Boseman, a Wilmington Democrat, seems to be putting her personal experience to work with a bill banning private investigators from peeping into windows.

Boseman introduced a bill this week that would make private investigators subject to the peeping tom law, which prohibits secretly looking into a room occupied by another person. The law currently allows exemptions for “private protective services.”

Boseman has been embroiled in a contentious custody dispute with her former partner, Melissa Jarrell, over the custody of a son to whom Jarrell gave birth when the two were together.

In the course of the dispute, Jarrell hired a private investigator who recorded on video when Boseman hired a baby sitter to watch the child, which violated the child custody agreement between the two women, according to WWAY TV in Wilmington.

The investigator, Marc Benson, was later reprimanded by the state board that regulates private investigators for not having the proper license.

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