New Information on Julia Boseman

From Channel 3

Boseman wants to limit rights of private investigators

How far is too far when it comes to the rights of private investigators? State Senator Julia Boseman wants the laws to be stricter for P.I.’s and has proposed legislation to accomplish that.

Senator Boseman wants to change the law that allows private investigators to shoot video through windows into people’s homes.

There’s a fine line between legally and illegally peering through windows. In North Carolina, licensed private investigators are allowed to do so, and record video.

“I just don’t think it’s right for a P.I. to be able to go onto private property and film people like that,” Boseman said.

Boseman recently proposed a bill that would tighten the laws that allow P.I.’s to shoot video through windows. She said the proposal comes at the request of the Wilmington Police Department’s attorney after a private investigator, who was following a man on an infidelity case, took pictures through a window of a woman who was undressed.

Boseman added, “Cops can’t even go onto private property like this and to go up to a woman’s house and film here when she’s not the subject of an investigation, first of all I think it’s a little sick and I think it should be illegal.”

P.I. Bill Ratcliff said the subject of the investigation was in the room with the undressed woman, so the P.I. was within his rights. Ratcliff said the law that’s in place is especially helpful when P.I.’s are handling child endangerment cases. “People hide behind closed doors and hide behind closed windows and they do acts of violence to children and we have to do cases like that also.”

Senator Boseman has a history with P.I.’s. Her former partner had her followed by a P.I. who wasn’t properly licensed, and took pictures of her allegedly violating their child custody agreement.

Boseman claimed this proposal has nothing to do with her own experience.



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2 responses to “New Information on Julia Boseman

  1. Sgt @ arms

    This senator is wasting valuable time seeking revenge upon the PI that caught her sleeping with a lobbyist and violating a court order regarding a custody order. I suggest writing your local representative and making it clear that he/she should NOT support this Bill.

    The law already is in place, there is no need to change it.

    I will also be writing to Sen Basnight to let him know I expect this to be squashed immediate so the senate can get onto the business figuring out how to balance the budget.

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