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Here are several databases worth looking into.


S.C. DHEC Permitted Solid Waste Sites
Search through the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s database of permitted solid waste sites in South Carolina. Click here to search database
FBI Hate Crime Statistics
Hate crime incidents increased nearly 8 percent nationwide in 2006, with racial prejudice accounting for more than half of the reported offenses, according to the FBI. Click here to search database
Worst Nursing Homes
This list released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on February 12, 2008 represents those nursing homes that have had a history of serious quality issues and are included in a special program to stimulate improvements in their quality of care. Click here to search database
Toy Recall Database
More than 22 million toys have been recalled in 2008 by U.S. companies that planned to distribute them.

Click here to search database


Most Costly Hurricanes
Search hurricanes by name, time period and landfall region.

Click here to search database


South Carolina Project Grants
Search by city to see if an organization in your area received grant money.

Click here to search database


Hospital Mortality
This tool provides you with information on how well the hospitals care for all their adult patients with certain medical conditions or surgical procedures. This information will help you compare the quality of care hospitals provide. Talk to your doctor about this information to help you, your family and your friends make your best hospital care decisions. SOURCE: US Department of Health and Human Services.  Click here to search database
2008 Election Database
Curious how some of the key Florence and Florence County races turned out at the precinct level? Search our database to see how the Florence County Sheriff, Florence Mayor, Florence City Council, Florence and Lake City Sunday alcohol votes, Florence County Council Dist. 4 and the straight ticket voting turned out precinct by precinct. Click here to search database
The Madoff Ponzi: Victims
The court-appointed liquidator of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities is offering a fuller picture of the alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme with an extensive list of Madoff’s customers.

Click here to search database

Sanctioned Teachers
The database contains information regarding professional educators where action was taken against their teaching certificate or license. Action includes suspension, denial or revocation. Click here to search database
FBI Uniform Crime Reports
Violent crime increased 1.3 percent nationwide while property crime fell by 2.9 percent in 2006, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. Click here to search database
S.C. Sex Offender Registry
Search for registered sex offenders in South Carolina. You can narrow your search by name, sex, address, city, and zip code. Click here to search database
Search for Golf Courses
Search for over 15,000 golf courses around the United States. Click here to search database
Search U.S. Foreclosure Rates
See where your state stands by searching this state-by-state analysis released by the Joint Economic Committee. Click here to search database
South Carolina 2008 ACT Scores
State officials released ACT scores for 2008 high school graduates, and eight of the 10 school districts with the lowest composite scores were Pee Dee area districts, including the worst five. Three out of five Florence districts ranked in the bottom 10 in composite scores. There were no Grand Strand or Pee Dee districts in the Top 10. See how your district scored. Click here to search database
South Carolina 2008 SAT Scores
SAT scores for 2008 seniors across the U.S. have been released, and results for students in the Eastern Carolinas are a mixed bag. Aynor High seniors increased their average SAT composite score by 141, according to results released by state education officials. However, Dillon High students were down 133 points. Search the database, see how your school fared. Click here to search database
IRS looks for people owed refund checks
The Internal Revenue Service is looking for taxpayers who are missing more than 279,000 economic stimulus checks totaling about $163 million and more than 104,000 regular refund checks totaling about $103 million that were returned by the U.S. Postal Service due to mailing address errors. Search our database to see if the IRS owes you money and learn how to get your check. Click here to search database

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