The toll of surveillance on the investigator

This is an article from Pursuit Magazine.  This is an excellent article and is a good issue for courses in, “Introduction to Surveillance”

Private Investigators in Pain: Dealing with Common Health Concerns While on the Road

April 20, 2009 by Pamela Stewart

Pamela Stewart has been a private investigator for over 20 years, the last three years as an Investigations Manager with Mustang Investigations, Inc. in Toronto, Canada.  A busy author too, Pamela has written fiction and is a published author of a book of short stories, Elysium; she was a contributor to the American Society of Industrial Security’s Protection of Assets Manual as well.

Who leaves someone in a vehicle all day with the windows rolled up? Our clients. No one would think of leaving a dog in a car on a hot day, yet Private Investigators are expected by their clients to sit in their vehicle in all kinds of weather conditions, for long hours. While the effects of exposure are obvious, investigators may experience a myriad of health problems in the field. These issues can range from back problems, bladder problems, dehydration, and psychological  problems. It’s a dangerous job, this PI business; bad guys and guns are the downfall of pulp fiction private eyes, but in real life, preventing health problems is the key to a successful career.

To read the rest of the article regarding how the following conditions can affect you, go to Pursuit Magazine

Weather Conditions

Back Pain


Emotional Health

Nutrition and Exercise

Women’s Health Issues

Aging and the Investigator


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