GPS and the investigator

Here is a story provided by Jim Mabry. Just another day on the job…Hingham, Mass.


POLICE NEWS: Private investigator eyed in bomb scare

Thu Apr 16, 2009, 03:02 PM EDT

Hingham –  

The private investigator, who police believe, is responsible for installing a GPS unit under a car that public safety officials thought was a bomb could face felony charges and have to cover the cost of a 4- hour investigation.

Police spokesman, Lt. Michael Peraino, said a concerned resident in the apartments at One Station Street called police at 5:10 p.m. on Tuesday (April 14) after looking out his window and seeing a man pull up in a car with Florida plates. The witnesses reported the man got out of his car and went over to a green Honda that was parked in the apartment complex’s parking lot. He then got on the ground and went underneath the Honda. The witness said he looked like he was putting something under the car.

Police officers arrived and saw a device under the Honda but could not identify it. The owner of the car, who is from Brazil, was out of town but due back that night, police said. The owner of the Honda lives at the complex and has been having a child custody dispute with his wife.

“The Hingham Fire Department was dispatched to the scene but also could not identify the device. The State Police Bomb Squad was called and the MBTA was notified to stop all Greenbush trains, police said.

The area was evacuated. The bomb squad used a robotic camera to take a look at the device but could not identify it. The bomb squad then used at water canon that fires water at high pressure to knock the device off the car. The device turned out to a GPS unit.

The private investigator could be charged with possession of a hoax device and be responsible for paying the cost of tying up police and fire departments and stopping the train.

For the full story, click here


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