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    BY BRIAN BRUEGGEMANN – News-Democrat
    Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2009|
    EDWARDSVILLE — A Madison County judge has acquitted a private investigator who was accused of identifying himself to two people as a police detective.

    Circuit Judge Richard Tognarelli found Dustin Dahmer not guilty following a bench trial. The judge’s written verdict, issued late last week, did not elaborate on his findings.

    Dahmer, 27, was accused of identifying himself as a police detective while he was working for Kellerman Investigations in Glen Carbon, a private detective agency that also serves court summonses on people.

    Prosecutors alleged that Dahmer twice identified himself as a Madison County sheriff’s detective in May 2007: once by phone to a Godfrey woman and once in person to a man at his South Roxana home. Both times, Dahmer was trying to find someone who was to be served with court papers.

    During a recent bench trial, Dahmer’s attorney, Andy Scharf, argued that Dahmer at most identified himself as a “detective in Madison County.”

    Prosecutors argued that Dahmer has aspirations of becoming a police officer, and went too far.

    Serving court papers on people, also known as process serving, is commonly done by private detectives who charge attorneys a fee.

    Scharf said Dahmer, at the time of being charged, was doing “ride-along” training with Brooklyn Police officers and was ready to enter a police training institute so that he could become a Brooklyn officer.

    “He was on the verge of becoming a police officer, which was his lifelong dream, and these charges, these unsubstantiated charges, derailed his attempts to become a police officer,” Scharf said.

    Dahmer’s wife, Sonya Dahmer, said the matter was “a very tough battle but we prevailed, which made us stronger. Assumptions never get anybody anywhere. Now we can rebuild our lives.”

    Contact reporter Brian Brueggemann at or 692-9481.

  2. Tom Slovenski opens new office.

    Cellular Forensics opens business in Simpsonville
    Submitted by Becky Slovenski • March 20, 2009

    Cellular Forensics, LLC, the State’s first SLED Licensed Mobile Phone Data Recovery Lab, has opened its doors in Simpsonville. Owner/operator is Tom Slovenski, a former Greenville County Detective. This lab specializes in cell phone data recovery and spy-ware (bug) detection for attorneys, police departments and individuals. All work is performed using state of the art equipment and techniques. Please visit or call 864-905-7600 for more information.

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