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Do we need the Bail Industry

This is from a discussion on Linked In. It is pretty interesting. Does the USA need bail bondsman? Should the states set up a system like in Wisconsin?

Bail Bond agency in Indianapolis

Bail Bond agency in Indianapolis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Read this article     (http://urbanmilwaukee.com/2013/05/21/murphys-law-bail-bond-bill-will-create-debtors-prisons/)

What is your opinion. I think we need “private bail agents” who have a vested interest in making sure the person shows up for court. Too many families have no means in the way of bail and to help could place the family in “harm”. Why should a family lose their home because they used it as “surety” to get a family member out of jail. The family has no expertise in criminal matters and has no means of ensuring the person shows up. And there are a ton of “failure to appears” in courthouse that might be cleared up if bail agents are involved.



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